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The So-Called Oreos Podcast is hosted by three friends who identify as being labeled an “oreo,” a term describing a person who is “black on the outside and white on the inside.” Each episode, Kia, Janae and Amari discuss all the awkwardness, hardship and hilarity of being labeled “too black” or “too white” in society and how this effects our everyday life.

June 15, 2021

“So Let’s Look at the History of Black Food in America”

It is the last episode before So-Called Oreos takes a hiatus for the summer before our well anticipated rebrand! (Don't worry we will still have episodes for you to listen to during the break.) Before the main topic of discussion, the hosts discuss some problematic celebrities and the real definition of "cancel culture." In honor of Juneteenth, the Oreos give some background on the holiday and discuss how they celebrated (or didn't celebrate) growing up. The Melanin Martha aka Jordan Wimby joins the show to talk about platform that is dedicated to healing generational trauma by reconnecting with our ancestors and history through food. Jordan explains why its important for us to appreciate the food we eat and how to stop the anti-blackness in the food world. She touches on historical points in Netflix's High on the Hog, how our ancestors gained power in cooking and why "soul food" isn't less healthy than food mostly consumed by white people.


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