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The So-Called Oreos Podcast is hosted by three friends who identify as being labeled an “oreo,” a term describing a person who is “black on the outside and white on the inside.” Each episode, Kia, Janae and Amari discuss all the awkwardness, hardship and hilarity of being labeled “too black” or “too white” in society and how this effects our everyday life.

May 4, 2021

“So You’re Black and Love a White-Dominated Sport”

It's a single Oreo episode with Amari interviewing her co-host of ESPN's Sound On with Tari & Amari, Tari Kandemiri. Tari is the creator of the popular social account, Official Lax Girl, the founder of skincare company Hama Beauty Inc, and on the Board of Directors of The Tewaaraton Foundation. Tari gives us the details on how she fell in love with lacrosse after moving to The States from Zimbabwe and growing her anonymous twitter account @officiallaxgirl to over 18k to express her love for the sport. Tari opens up about finding feminism through lacrosse and using her platform for equality as well as how lacrosse has opened so many doors for her. The two chat about the myth of men’s sports being more entertaining than women’s, being the only Black person on your team and the reality of being a huge face in lacrosse as a Black woman in a white-dominated sport.

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