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The So-Called Oreos Podcast is hosted by three friends who identify as being labeled an “oreo,” a term describing a person who is “black on the outside and white on the inside.” Each episode, Kia, Janae and Amari discuss all the awkwardness, hardship and hilarity of being labeled “too black” or “too white” in society and how this effects our everyday life.

April 6, 2021

“So…Can Minorities Be Racist?”

The Oreos answer the very important and complicated question, can minorities be racist? It's something we've seen discussed and wanted to do a deep dive to settle the answer once and for all. Kia and Janae are joined by Jasmine Price, an educator, professor, and most importantly, Janae's older sister. Janae explains the difference between prejudice, discrimination and racism before Jasmine gives a lesson on the circle of oppression, circle of equality and forms of injustice so we can truly understand if "reverse racism" is a thing. The episode ends with some very interesting social responses that spark an interesting convo.


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